Evaluation of the multi-donor Health Pooled Fund (HPF) in South Sudan

Country / date: South Sudan, 2018

Partner: FCDO South Sudan, Sudd Institute, Global Affairs Canada

South Sudan is one of the world’s most fragile countries and has been beset by conflict since it was created in 2011. It is facing a severe and protracted humanitarian crisis, exacerbated by economic collapse. It has one of the highest inflation rates in the world, and a huge fiscal deficit. Half of the population requires emergency food assistance. Almost 4 million South Sudanese (out of a population of 12 million) are displaced, including 1.9 million refugees who have fled to neighbouring countries. – FCDO South Sudan Profile 2017

With an annual budget of over £130m, FCDO South Sudan works to provide humanitarian relief and basic services in education and health. The FCDO-led Health Pooled Fund (HPF) provides the majority of life saving health care in South Sudan, delivering essential services through over 1,000 health facilities, enabling 34,000 women to give birth in health facilities and over 8 million patient consultations in 2016. In 2017, HPF funded health facilities will provide over 1.8 million consultations to children under five, with over 137,000 children and pregnant women receiving high intensity nutrition support.

We are assessing the relevance, effectiveness and sustainability of the HPF in order to improve the design of similar initiatives in the future.

We are working with UK and Canadian government representatives in Juba, South Sudan, to assess the performance of the HPF and how well it is meeting the needs of beneficiaries, South Sudanese citizens requiring public health services. Our team of consultants is working in states across South Sudan to understand how HPF-funded projects and programmes have been developed and delivered. The evaluation will result in improved design and delivery of future support to public health services in South Sudan.

This project demonstrates our ability to safely and efficiently deploy expert teams in fragile contexts while delivering sophisticated, contextualised reporting.

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