Design and Management of a Research and Innovation Unit for the Aitebaar programme

Country / date: Pakistan, March 2014 – December 2015

Partner: FCDO Pakistan

Project objective(s): To establish and manage the delivery of activities for the Research and Innovation Unit, which supports the Aitebaar programme. This programme intends to strengthen trust between citizens and government in the Security and Justice Sector. The Research and Innovation Unit aimed to inform, develop and manage the programme’s research needs, including those related to implementation, knowledge management and monitoring and evaluation.

Project outcome(s): Integrity established the research and innovation unit, which was responsible for ensuring that innovative research drove Aitebaar programming. Research activities included behavioral surveys, stakeholder mapping and on-going literature reviews. The formation of the research and innovation unit worked to inform professionals working on security and justice in Pakistan. Integrity provided international experts to lead on research deliverables to inform Aitebaar’s activities.

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