Ceasefire Reading Pack for the UK Stabilisation Unit

Country / date: Global, 2016

Partner: UK Stabilisation Unit, GSDRC

Integrity compiled and published a ceasefire reading pack for the UK Government’s Stabilisation Unit. Conflict expert Luc Chounet-Cambas, who oversaw the management and delivery of Integrity’s MENA portfolio between 2014 and 2017, has expertise in conflict resolution, peace processes and ceasefires, having worked on dialogue and peace processes with the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue for six years, prior to joining Integrity.

Luc has advised negotiators and mediators on ceasefires and disarmament programming in Libya, Mali, Myanmar, the Philippines, and has also implemented large-scale disarmament and stabilisation programmes in Afghanistan, Aceh (Indonesia) and Sudan.

In the video supporting the ceasefire pack below, Luc addresses key questions around linking ceasefire agreements to a broader peace process, what practitioners can do to help, how to build an inclusive process and how insurgencies end.

The work is part of a module that DFID commissions in partnership with the Governance and Social Development Research Consortium and administered by the University of Birmingham. Its objective is to benefit advisers across UK Government hoping to gain a better understanding of the issue.

The ceasefire reading pack can be viewed in its entirety on the GSDRC website here.

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