Technical Assistance for Syria Essential Services II Activity and Building Resilient and Inclusive Communities in Conflict (BRICC) Task Order 1

Country / date: Syria, 2016 – 2025

Partners: Blumont

Project objective(s):

Integrity supports Blumont’s USAID-funded Syria Essential Services Programme on a long-term basis, providing technical assistance and services related to research, MEL, reporting and communications. We deliver a range of conflict and political economy analyses, trainings, guidance documents, thematic reports, in-depth maps and studies, assessments and evaluations, based on primary and secondary data collection and analysis.

Our MEL work provides independent, evidence-based assessments of programme outcomes and impacts, tracks progress and identifies actionable lessons learnt. Our research contributes to Blumont’s and USAID’s understanding of the broader operational context and includes deep dives on emerging issues relevant to Blumont’s technical delivery. Our products provide a strong evidence base grounded in the Syrian context, through which we develop actionable policy and implementation recommendations that ensure the programme remains flexible and adaptive.

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