Analysis of the School Ranking Policy (part of Big Results Now in Education (BRNEd) in Tanzania

Country / date: Tanzania, 2016 – Ongoing

Partner: FCDO Tanzania

Project objective(s): To improve education quality in Tanzanian primary and secondary schools. The World Bank, FCDO and Sweden have supported the design of a “Payment for Results (P4R)” approach to incentivise both national and local stakeholders to improve learning outcomes and influence a range of systemic constraints affecting the public education sector.

Integrity is working with a partner to undertake some research and develop policy recommendations related to the FCDO-funded national School Ranking Policy (SRP). The SRP is considered to be one of the P4R initiatives that is most likely to impact upon improved learning outcomes in the short term, although there remain concerns about perverse incentives. Our qualitative research is designed to assess knowledge, attitudes and effects of the SRP.

Project outcome(s): This project is still ongoing. The intended outcome of Integrity’s analysis is to support the refinement of the SRP as a tool to support better quality education in Tanzania.

Arusha, Tanzania
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