Advisory Support to the World Health Organisation’s COVAX Strategic Coordination Office

Country / Date: Global (July 2021)

Name of Client: WHO

Project Objectives:

  • Support the WHO COVAX team in the review and development of recommendations relating to the COVAX operationalisation team.
  • Propose updates to the team and improve ways of working to align team members more effectively with different COVAX vaccine products by updating roles and responsibility and providing clarity on standards, tools and templates that could be used across different products as the team scaled up.

Project Outputs:

Integrity interviewed relevant team members and ran two working sessions to develop ideas. These were then captured in a deliverable in PowerPoint and shared with the team for future use incorporating proposed updates to team and ways of working included clearer alignment of team members to different COVAX vaccine products, updating roles and responsibilities and greater clarity on the standard assets, tools and templates that could be reused across different products as the team scaled up in the coming months.

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