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Project Management

Our Project and Programme Management Services

We help our clients plan and manage their resources effectively in challenging contexts and adapt to changing environments while still achieving their project and programme objectives.

We integrate the thoughtfulness of a research institute with the practical delivery skills of a larger development consultancy, underpinned by a deep understanding of the local context. We offer a smarter, evidence-based and adaptive approach to project and programme management. Our feedback loops and capacity to manage projects and programmes remotely help our clients plan and manage resources effectively in a rapidly changing environment.

Our clients need to constantly balance different considerations, including quality, cost, time and risk, in challenging and complex delivery contexts. Our approach integrates leading expertise, including in evidence-based projects and programming, with a strong empathetic understanding of our clients and the contexts they face.

  • Codified standard operating procedure for delivery
  • Tailored project and knowledge management system and tools
  • Data-driven contract management, including internal monitoring and value for money
  • Client and consortium governance
  • Workflow and budget management
  • Quality management protocols
  • Risk management systems
  • Remote management
  • Compliance and due diligence

Integrity Project and Programme Management Project Summaries