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Our Communications Services

We help clients evolve and transform organisations, achieve stakeholder buy-in and enable pathways to change through effective and targeted communications.

We help clients identify and enable pathways to change by listening and building trust, and by sharing knowledge and learning. We design, measure and deliver two-way communication and engagement strategies to support:

  • organisational transformation and evolution; and
  • the impact of policies, programmes and projects.

We work with our clients to deliver:

  • Change management and brand perception
  • Diagnostics
  • Infographics and visualisations
  • Intranet content and internal communications support
  • Participatory approaches, such as public hearings, panels, debates, deliberations, and stakeholder consultations
  • Podcasts and audio soundscapes
  • Surveys and monitoring
  • Web forums and online discussion events

Integrity Communications Project Summaries