Howard MurraySenior Manager, Project Management

Howard Murray – Senior Manager, Project Management

Howard is a London-based Senior Manager within our Services Team with experience in international development, civil society mapping, conflict analysis and monitoring & evaluation. At Integrity, Howard has managed multiple projects for FCO, DFID, UNOCHA and various INGOs including IMS, CARE and International Alert.

Howard has third sector experience, working in development logistics and distribution in Hong Kong and Kazakhstan, providing support to INGOs and CBOs through logistics and community-level development projects. He has also worked in peacebuilding and community relations in the Occupied West Bank, predominantly with youth engagement projects and cross-community dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians.

Howard is currently working regionally in MENA, focusing on the management of research, monitoring and evaluation projects for governmental and humanitarian actors in the region. He attained an MSc in Defence, Development and Diplomacy from the Durham Global Security Institute and specialising in conflict research and analysis, and a BA in Social Sciences, Government, IR, Economics and Business from the University of Durham.


Conflict Analysis, Conflict Sensitivity, Civil Society Mapping and Engagement, Monitoring and Evaluation



Country Experience

Kosovo, Lebanon, Myanmar, OPT, Sri Lanka, Turkey

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