Programme Management and Implementation

JordanOur Programme Management and Implementation services enable organisations to balance competing priorities to achieve key outcomes in challenging environments.

Smarter, evidence-based approach for effective and adaptive programmes

Integrity offers a smarter, evidence-based approach to programme management and implementation. We integrate the thoughtfulness of a research institute with the practical delivery skills of a larger development consultancy, both underpinned by a deep understanding of the contexts in which we work. In particular, building on our expertise in generating robust, ethical evidence in fragile and conflict affected states, we design and manage effective and adaptive programmes through feedback loops from beneficiaries, clients and other key stakeholders.

Unique insight into programme management in challenging environments

Managing programmes and projects can vary hugely in complexity and content. In FCAS, like anywhere else, they require a mix of technical (sectoral and thematic), operational and financial expertise to perform effectively. The graphic below illustrates this further.

Effective programme management requires constant trade-offs between these different elements. Our approach manages these trade-offs by integrating leading expertise with a strong understanding of our clients and delivery contexts. Ultimately, this enables us and our clients to make informed, balanced and timely decisions in the best interests of programme implementation.

Our understanding sets us apart

Our approach is focused on being:

  • Invested in understanding the local context
  • Collaborative
  • Quality-focused
  • Transparent approach to managing trade-offs with clients and other stakeholders

The following diagram serves to better illustrate our approach, which can be applied to all our other services. Find out more about our Research and Analysis, Design Monitoring and Evaluation, Stakeholder Engagement, and Capacity Development services.