Understand the Social Impact of Your Operations


Protecting and enhancing corporate reputation through effective risk management and stakeholder engagement for organisations working in fragile communities. Our experts will guide you in understanding the social impact of your operations and provide evidence to support decision-making, helping you to maximise the opportunities and minimise the risks in these challenging emerging markets.

Our Corporate Services

Who We Work For

What We Can Deliver

If your organisation is seeking market entry research for conflict and post-conflict areas or working in rapidly changing contexts, our bespoke conflict assessments can provide the detailed understanding you need.

What we do

Integrity provides rigorous localised research on the causes, drivers, parties, influencers and legacy of conflict. The assessment can also take into account the role of organised crime within the conflict and how organisations can take action to avoid complicity and protect themselves from the effects of both.

Risk Analysis

  • Potential risks to the company or sector
  • Recommendations for best practice operations that:
    • Minimise the chances of exacerbating conflict
    • Minimise associated risks to the company
    • Contribute to peace and stability
    • Enhance sustainability of operations through positive community relations


  • How the company is perceived and positioned in the conflict or post-conflict environment by key communities, local and national authorities, NGOs and consumers


  • Geographical map of control and influence
  • Actor map of key stakeholders
  • Advice on local sensitivities

Who We Work For

What We Can Deliver

We work with organisations that have employees operating in contexts where human rights issues present risks and where it is advisable to apply best practice human rights principles. We can also optimise your group-level approach to business ethics and put it into practice for employees at operational level.

What We Do

Integrity supports companies to understand how to apply human rights principles in the context of their own global operations. At a local level, we can work with your staff operating assets in challenging environments to apply group-level policies and standards and to support anti-corruption measures. We also provide monitoring against human rights impact assessments to ensure systems and processes continue to meet high standards.


  • Report on the local application of human rights and/or business ethics standards
  • Human rights risk matrix
  • Human rights / business ethics materiality matrix
  • Comparative analysis to show areas of progress and risk issues
  • Summary report for external use by company CR team, together with stakeholder views


  • Training workshops on human rights for senior management
  • Interactive training workshops for operational staff to help them to identify situations in which to apply company business ethics and/or human rights principles


  • Bespoke human rights strategy
  • Recommendations for implementation
  • Recommendations for areas of improvement and practical suggestions for engagement
  • Advice on local nuances, challenges and cultural sensitivities

Who We Work For

What We Can Deliver

Organisations seeking a practical strategy for community engagement and to foster good relations with host communities and local NGOs will benefit from our services. We can also evaluate your existing community liaison systems and processes to ensure they are robust and reliable.

What We Do

Integrity analyses existing company information from documents such as social and environmental impact assessments (SEIAs) and human rights impact assessments (HRIAs) to develop a practical strategy for community-level engagement. We can supplement this with additional local research as required. We support implementation to monitor local issues, understand local perceptions of corporate operations, provide support to local content initiatives and enhance effective two-way collaboration between organisations and communities. Our monitoring and evaluation services for existing community liaison systems and processes ensure they are working effectively and flagging potential issues as early as possible.


  • Set of tools for stakeholder management and reporting
  • Presentations on key findings and stakeholder views
  • Analysis of stakeholder opinions and recommendations for corporate action
  • Community materiality assessment and risk matrix
  • Facilitation of community engagement activities
  • Expectation management of communities and local NGOs for positive engagement
  • Summary report for external publication by company CR team, incorporating stakeholder views


  • Set of options for engagement, together with resources required and expected outcomes
  • Bespoke system for data gathering, monitoring and analysis, including KPIs


  • Recommendations for strengthening the community liaison systems and processes
  • External assurance on the quality of stakeholder engagement and the balance of voices included