Our Services

Ethical Consultancy, Delivered Locally

Integrity is a service provider and a consultancy. Our clients are governments, international organisations and global private companies. We help them succeed in fragile and challenging environments while building trust and understanding as the basis for transformative change.

Our services are underpinned by the principles on which we were founded: a commitment to providing reliable information and evidence, and expert and high-quality delivery. We help our clients build local skills by investing in long-term presence and sustained relationships in the geographies where we work.


We help our clients achieve their strategic objectives and reduce their risks through creative and cost-effective management and delivery.

  • Effective design and management.
  • Cost-effective and creative delivery.
  • Nuanced strategic advice and planning.
  • Streamlined inception and deployment.
  • Decisive risk management.
  • Team-centred human resourcing.
  • Transformative performance management.
  • Transparent and trusted client communications.

We help our clients increase the value, impact and sustainability of their programming, while ensuring accountability and oversight.

  • Qualitative and quantitative fieldwork.
  • Tracking, measurement and improvement.
  • Independent verification and appraisal.
  • Credible, insightful and actionable data.
  • Ex-ante, mid-term and ex-post evaluations.
  • People-centred, diplomatic and sensitive approach.

We help our clients understand complex and challenging contexts and build the evidence base for programming, policy and strategy.

  • Sensitive conflict analysis and assessment.
  • Comprehensive civil society and stakeholder mapping.
  • Prescient conflict and early warning systems.
  • Insightful political economy analysis.
  • Targeted field-based and remote data collection.
  • Empowering visualisation and analytics.

We help facilitate client knowledge, understanding and learning through our Data & Knowledge Management solutions.

  • Intelligent, integrated knowledge management solutions.
  • Data visualisations, mapping tool, reporting dashboards.
  • Data collection and analysis technologies.
  • Information security: policy, systems, procurement, training.
  • Bespoke IT design, procurement, support, asset management.
  • Information management process design and best practice.
  • Established relationships with specialist technology partners.

We improve organisational performance and effectiveness through the provision of skills, systems and high-value knowledge.

  • Supporting accountability between stakeholders.
  • Provision of skilled and knowledgeable staff.
  • Capacity assessments.
  • Training on programme design and implementation.
  • Improving performance and effectiveness.
  • Re-building and reforming systems of governance.

We help our clients promote constructive and sustainable dialogues at a community level and in support of their key objectives.

  • Nuanced stakeholder mapping.
  • Insightful materiality and network analysis.
  • Efficient design and toolbox development.
  • Sustainable engagement.
  • Constructive dialogue facilitation.
  • Empathetic understanding of social impact.

We help our clients to protect and enhance their reputations through effective risk management and stakeholder engagement.

  • Bespoke conflict assessments.
  • Business ethics and human rights.
  • Deep contextual understanding.
  • Understanding social impact of operations.
  • Development and implementation of strategy.
  • Engagement with local community and stakeholders.

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