Manager – Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning on the Somalia Multi-Partner Fund Monitoring Agent

Manager – Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning for the Somalia Multi-Partner Fund Monitoring Agent – R-ID-144

Full-time staff position based in Kenya, the UK, or the US.

Closing date for applications: 31 May 2021.

Project Background: The World Bank has established a multi-donor trust fund (MDTF) called the Somalia Multi Partner Fund (MPF). It aims to support peace- and state-building in Somalia following recent political and security improvements that present the country with a window of opportunity to transition from over two decades of conflict and fragility. The objective of the MPF is to provide a platform for coordinated financing for the sustainable reconstruction and development of Somalia, with a focus on core state functions and socio-economic recovery. The MPF is a central part of Somalia’s external development assistance framework and is linked to the Somalia Reconstruction and Development Facility (SRDF), which provides the overarching governance framework for a number of MDTFs in Somalia, including the MPF and a UN multi-donor trust fund.

Scope of Work: Your responsibilities will include project management, technical delivery, particularly of monitoring and evaluation contracts, business and proposal development, and wider institutional learning. You will work flexibly across Integrity’s different services and in a fast-paced working environment. You will also work closely with other teams, particularly the Business Team, to design new projects, manage consultants and build relationships with key partners and institutions.

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