Human Resources Consultant – Lebanon British Policing Support Programme


Human Resources Consultant – Lebanon British Policing Support Programme

Consultant position based in Beirut, Lebanon, working over 18 months starting February 2020.

Closing date for applications: 31 January 2020.

Integrity is looking for a Human Resources Consultant for the Lebanon British Policing Support Programme (BPSP). The British Policing Support Program (BPSP) builds on more than ten years UK support to driving strategic change and operational improvements in the Lebanese security sector. A key achievement has been the introduction of a community policing model. A main challenge to successful roll out of the community policing model is current Human Resource Management (HRM) and distribution of personnel. The program plans for a pilot restructuring initiative to optimize use of resources aiming to reallocate more staff to operational roles. Related is the challenge of a low number of women in the sector constraining to abide by international standards in certain functions (e.g. women detention facilities), effective response to crime (e.g. gender-based violence) and to build community trust.

The Human Resources Consultant will focus on supporting organisational restructuring and change management with the aim to optimize use of human resources with the view to reallocate more staff from administrative to operational roles.

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