GMEL Evaluation & Synthesis Strand Lead/Deputy Team Lead

GMEL Evaluation & Synthesis Strand Lead/Deputy Team Lead – HRO312

Part-time consultancy position based in the UK.

Closing date for applications: 22 April 2022.

We are seeking an experienced MEL specialist, to fill the roles of Evaluation & Synthesis Strand Lead and Deputy Team Lead. The Strand Lead (SL) is both a technical and managerial role. As a Strand Lead, you will oversee, coordinate and integrate interventions within the strand, which includes signing off internal and Client deliverables. You will report directly to the GMEL Team Lead (TL), and work closely with other Strand Leads to build technical coherence and connectivity across GMEL strands and interventions. You will likely be supported by a Deputy who will provide cover when you are unavailable. The number of interventions and intervention owners will fluctuate over time. It is expected you will likely have several Intervention Owners (IOs) reporting to you at any given time.

As one of two Deputy Team Leads (DTL), you will provide cover for the TL when needed (during annual leave, sick days, etc.). You will also oversee a portfolio of internal initiatives related to your designated areas of responsibility (see below). You will be an active member of the Leadership Team (LT), attending weekly meetings. At these meetings, you will be responsible for escalating issues and recommending solutions and ways forward related to your areas of responsibility. You will also be responsible for reviewing new GMEL scopes of work (for new or amended interventions) and approving these in agreement with the other LT members.

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