Data Management And Analysis Expert

Data Management And Analysis Expert – R-ID-249

Full time staff position based in UK

The Data Management and Analysis Expert (DMA/E) will incorporate innovative solutions that improve the quality and efficiency of data management and analysis by contributing to Analysis Plans, developing data pipelines and PowerBI dashboards, reviewing Change Logs and their associated source data. They will also maintain data management systems, advise on data management and analysis best practice, and design workstream activities and an integrated evidence repository to support quality control and assurance processes.

The DMA/E will initially work across UK Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO) monitoring and evaluation projects deploying thematic and contextual experts to inform, assure and improve cohesive policy. The DMA/E will lead on data management and analysis of remote monitoring data and support the following core objectives:

  1. Assurance & Capacity Building: Improving confidence in results and the quality of delivery, including supporting partners to improve practice/s through bespoke technical assistance.
  2. Learning & Innovation: Enabling greater portfolio experimentation by providing closer to real-time insight into progress on the ground, supporting faster course-correction and lesson learning.
  3. Strategy & Analysis: Providing needs-based analysis to inform portfolio and programme decision-making, and to monitor strategic priorities.

Closing date for applications: 01 March 2024. However, we will review candidates on a rolling basis and the vacancy may be filled before this deadline. We encourage early applications. Applications without a tailored cover letter will not be considered.

Link to full specification and button to apply.

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