Data Analysts – CSSF GMEL Partnership

Data Analysts – HRO-242

4 Full-time, or minimum 80%, Consultancy positions, home-based from the UK.

Closing date for applications: Extended to the 31th March 2021.

Project Background: The UK government funds over £1 billion in programming per year through the Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF). Operating in over 70 countries, CSSF is central to the UK government’s work overseas. CSSF has contracted Integrity Research and Consultancy, and our partner LTS-Niras, to support the development of a stronger, more agile and more sustainable ‘ecosystem’ for monitoring, evaluation, learning (MEL) and their application in decision-making.

Scope of Work: We are seeking four Data Analysts to support a new data analytics pilot initiative to improve the CSSF’s use of data in decision making. The Data Analysts will be tasked by four Pilot Leads and work closely with the Data Analytics Lead to extract, scrape, analyse and visualise data for CSSF teams.

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