Job Openings

Senior Expert (Evaluation and Learning)

Full-Time. Based in London, with up to 30% travel.

Closing date for applications: Rolling recruitment with a view to shortlist in February 2018.

Integrity is currently recruiting for a Senior Expert to support on the long-term delivery of Evaluation and Learning Services to the UK’s Cross-Governmental Prosperity Fund. The Senior Expert will focus on the design and delivery of a portfolio of evaluations and learning processes, with a strong emphasis on qualitative methods as well as project and stakeholder management. The successful candidate will sit within the Services Directorate and will be based in London, with expectations to travel. To find out more and how to apply click here.

To send us a speculative application please click here, providing as much detail on your experience as possible.

Consultancy Opportunities

Learning Analyst for the Learning and Monitoring Programme Somalia (LAMPS)

Full-Time. Based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Closing date for applications: 9 March 2018

Integrity is currently hiring a Learning Analyst for the Learning and Monitoring Programme Somalia (LAMPS) to lead on learning initiatives and coordinate with all LAMPS team members on specific day-to-day learning activities. The Learning Analyst will support the drafting and finalisation of workstream learning deliverables and will also coordinate all internal and external learning events for LAMPS, organising inputs, supporting the facilitation of events, and conducting follow-up learning outcomes. To find out more and how to apply click here.

Deputy Team Leader for the Learning and Monitoring Programme Somalia (LAMPS)

Full-Time or Part-Time. Based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Closing date for applications: 9 March 2018

Integrity is currently hiring a Deputy Team Leader to manage the delivery of the Learning and Monitoring Programme Somalia (LAMPS). The Deputy Team Leader will be responsible for coordinating the delivery of the third-party monitoring verifications, leading the integration of third-party monitoring, digital platform and learning inputs in the production of verification summary reports, data analysis dashboards and associated learning products. They will design and administer clear processes for delivering these products, fostering an effective, efficient and collaborative approach across the different functional teams. To find out more and how to apply click here.

Team Lead, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Full-Time or Part-Time. Based in London or MENA with up to 60% travel.

Closing date for applications: Rolling recruitment with a view to shortlist in March 2018.

Integrity is recruiting a Team Lead with technical, organisational, management and interpersonal skills and experience to support the delivery of a UK Government Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning programme across North Africa. The Team Lead will manage the programme by overseeing planning, coordination and guidance of the delivery team while remaining responsive to the fluctuating dynamics within the target contexts. The role will require frequent travel across North Africa and engagement with senior UK government officials at post and in London. To find out more and how to apply click here.

Senior Researcher, Iraq

Full-Time for 4 months, starting date to be confirmed.

Closing date for applications: deadline extended to 20 February 2018.

Integrity is currently recruiting for a Senior Researcher to manage a study exploring informal pathways to justice for victims of ISIS. Reporting to the Team Leader, the Senior Researcher will be responsible for managing the field team in Iraq, overseeing the research design and data collection, and producing the final report for the Client. The position requires strategic vision, research and analysis expertise, a deep contextual understanding of Iraq, and effective team management skills. To find out more and how to apply click here.

Manager (Design, Monitoring and Evaluation)

Full-Time. Based in Beirut or Gaziantep, with up to 40% Travel.

Closing date for applications: Rolling recruitment.

Integrity is currently recruiting for a Manager (Design, Monitoring & Evaluation) with 5 years’ experience working within the international development and/or humanitarian sector. The Manager will focus on project development (designing technical approaches, methodologies and teams) and delivery, combining technical expertise with effective project and client management. Written and oral fluency in Arabic is highly desirable for this role. To find out more and how to apply click here.

Team Leader, Middle East

Full-Time. Based in Lebanon, Turkey or remotely.

Closing date for applications: Rolling recruitment.

Ahead of upcoming recruitment for four major programmes in Syria and the wider MENA region, Integrity seeks to expand its network of professionals and consultants who are committed to our values of providing high quality technical services which contribute to change in Fragile and Conflict Affected Environments. We are looking to strengthen and expand our reliable network of Team Leader professionals in the fields of education and monitoring and evaluation. To find out more and how to apply click here.

Researchers, Research Coordinators and Research Managers, MENA

Full-Time. Based in Turkey or Lebanon, with up to 20% travel.

Closing date for applications: Rolling recruitment.

Integrity is looking to strengthen and expand their reliable network of research and analysis (R&A) with professionals of various levels of seniority and experience, who are both detail-oriented and committed to teamwork. Successful candidates will need to be able to design research methodologies, design research questions, train researchers and/or field personnel on the research tools, oversee a data collection process and draft timely, high-quality research findings and analytical reports. Please note that written and oral fluency in English and Arabic is required for this role. To find out more and how to apply click here.

Integrity’s Frameworks

DFID Governance and Security Framework Agreement  Integrity has won a place on the Department for International Development (DFID)‘s Governance and Security Framework Agreement. Key priorities in relation to this framework are to strengthen governance and security in fragile and conflict-affected countries, and to lead international action to empower girls and women. Access to this framework will allow us to bid for work under four lots: Public Sector Governance, Security and Justice Reform, Peace Building and State Building and Empowerment and Accountability.

DFID FCAS Framework Agreement  Integrity has won a place on DFID and the UK Stablisation Unit‘s Fragile and Conflict Affected States (FCAS) Framework Agreement. In July 2011 the UK Government published a new Building Stability Overseas Strategy developed jointly by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, DFID and Ministry of Defence.  The UK aims to promote stability and stop serious conflict by promoting democracy, security, stability and prosperity in countries and regions where its interests are at stake. The strategy is based on three strands: Early warning, rapid crisis prevention and response, and investing in upstream prevention. You can read more about this agreement here.

DFID Global Evaluation Framework Agreement (GEFA) The Global Evaluation Framework Agreement (GEFA) of DFID is to ensure the provision of efficient and effective consultancy services for the design and implementation of evaluations across its programmes, adhering to the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) Quality Standards for Development Evaluation. The services will also extend to programmes funded through the UK Government’s £2.9 billion International Climate Fund, jointly managed by DFID, Department for Energy and Climate Change, and Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

EU Framework Agreements Integrity has also secured a place on Lot 12 of the European Commission’s EuropeAid Multiple Framework Contract, with a focus on, Humanitarian Aid, Crisis Management & Post-Crisis Assistance. We are also teaming up with Africa Communication to deliver on Lot 7, Human Rights, Civil Society, Governance, Justice and Home Affairs. Integrity is therefore seeking talented consultants with relevant technical expertise to work with our team on those projects coming through the frameworks that are relevant to Integrity’s core services.

Integrity’s Internship Programme

Integrity’s Internship programme allows talented young graduates to gain hands-on experience into the workings of a dynamic, fast-growing consultancy in the international development sector. Running since 2013, many of our current staff started off as interns, and we pride ourselves on providing a programme that offers substantial learning opportunities as well as real career growth.

As an intern at Integrity, you receive tailored training, guidance, and real responsibility from the beginning, quickly becoming an invaluable team player in our various offices. The programme offers Internship opportunities within different parts of the company, ranging from Research and Project Support, to IT, Finance, Marketing and Communications, and Business Development.

Our Internships are paid, based out of our three offices in London, Beirut and Nairobi, and require a full-time commitment of at least three months. To qualify, candidates should preferably have attained an undergraduate degree or other experience, ideally in a business or international studies related field. Keep an eye out on our Job Openings page of our website and on our LinkedIn page for Internship advertisements and more specific application details.

To date, Integrity’s past and current interns include:

Megan Neville, Carly Owens, Naomi Rothwell, Emily Benbow, Howard Murray, Veronica Ferreri, Debrah Neema, Malin Daviknes, Will Lowrie, Holga Stoltenberg-Lerche, Andrew Freeman, Bella Vartanyan, Harriet Gibson, Lula Dahir, Shanuj Patel, Christina Anagnostopoulos, Alissa de Carbonnel, Simon Thorpe, Hannah Franklin and Pauline Coste.

Click here to read testimonials from past interns, and here for a leaflet on Integrity’s Internship Programme.