Integrity Matters: Nov 2022

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Welcome to this edition of Integrity Matters. It has been a super busy time for us as we develop operations in South Sudan, Iraq and Somalia to support USAID programs and continue to work with the UK government to deliver high quality evidence in troubled regions.

In these fast-paced, high-pressure contexts, it is essential to maintain context-aware and conflict-sensitive approaches. Making sense of complexity isn’t a black box of analysis based on impersonal data. It relies on understanding people’s perspectives. Working with our rich network of partners and staff provides us with multi-disciplinary points of view.

In our new global capability statement – available below – we delve into the breadth and depth of our portfolio. Central to our offer is our deep contextual understanding, our ability to mobilize expertise at a local level and our focus on building sustainable capacity.

Our global offices in the UK and USA, and regional offices in Jordan, Kenya and Pakistan, are strategically located to support and access our clients, partners and programs, enabling Integrity’s team to work in partnership, share global knowledge and multidisciplinary perspectives.

Kind regards,
Matthew Dettman
Senior Manager – Business Development

Spotlight: Our global services

We work with our clients to serve their needs in complex environments worldwide. Our geographic reach and experience, combined with our services and thematic expertise, enable us to bring a detailed analysis and understanding of a wide range of political, economic and social contexts.

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