Integrity Matters: Apr 2023

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Organisations trying to tackle complex, international problems face intimidating challenges and risks. Volatile contexts, stretching objectives and tight budgets and resources, to name just a few. Staff are often confined by deadlines, isolated from colleagues, and suffer from an overwhelming burden of work.

To help create a sense of safety and foster a culture of protected learning requires high levels of courage, empathy, and tact, and a bond of trust built on accountable and high-quality delivery. Integrity excels at providing that help. We take the time to really understand what is needed and what is possible for our partners and facilitate that iterative learning.

If our vision is to set the international standard for such services, then we must learn from and listen to our own people just as carefully. Over the past three months, we took the time to do just that. We reflected on and developed Integrity’s organisational approach. We used participatory facilitation techniques to discuss, debate, and together create a clear and considered strategy.

Taking the time to listen, talk and clarify the ways we work was exhilarating. It underscored the great strides we have made over the last 12 years to develop our culture and ethos, our services and expertise, and our systems and infrastructure. As well as building on our technical offer, we refined and clarified our five core values of courage, objectivity, diligence, accountability, and sensitivity and how to build them into everything we do.

Our stated commitment is to ensure the best possible service and benefit the communities amongst whom we work. We will do so while continuing to build a diverse and inclusive organisation where all feel safe, and able to progress, contribute, and be heard. No matter who they are, who they love, or what faith they hold.

As ever,
Anthony Ellis, CEO


PeaceCon 2023: Beyond Fragile Ground: New Peacebuilding Architectures for Today and the Future!

Integrity will present with USAID and the Peacebuilding Evaluation, Analysis, Research, and Learning (PEARL) consortium on “Localizing USAID’s Approach to Violence & Conflict Assessment.” Our presentation will serve as an orientation to the updated Violence and Conflict Assessment Framework (VCAF) and engage participants to collaborate on concrete gaps, challenges, and solutions related to participatory conflict analysis and local data partnerships for learning.

Registration and the event agenda is available here: PeaceCon2023 — Alliance for PeacebuildingPeace.

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