Catherine Cameron: The Fragility Climate Nexus

Catherine Cameron: The Fragility Climate Nexus

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Integrity is very grateful to Catherine Cameron; Director of Agulhas: Applied Knowledge, and Visiting Fellow at the University of Oxford, for her vibrant and engaging presentation of the issues around climate disruption and its links to increasing fragility. Uncertainty and insecurity over access to resources and energy generation increase the likelihood of conflict and fragility. In this way, climate disruption functions as a threat multiplier to state fragility.

As well as a threat, climate disruption can also be viewed as an opportunity. Approaches to managing the risks associated with climate disruption and conflict include improvements in integration, transformation, social networks and early warning systems. Significant changes and efforts to improve the political, economic, social and technical responses need to be made to enable a ‘future fit’ world.

Catherine’s presentation and thought exercise were highly stimulating, and encouraged the Integrity team to think creatively about possible solutions to the very real threat posed by climate disruption. The session highlighted the huge potential we have for applied innovation to counter climate disruption and fragility, and how vital and pressing it is for this potential to be turned into large-scale action immediately.

Thanks again to Catherine and her colleagues from everyone at Integrity!

To read Agulhas’ publications on fragile states, climate disruption, and aid policy, click 3_0

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